Seattle Comprehensive Plan “engagement hub”

The City of Seattle has published an “engagement hub” for residents to learn about and provide input into the upcoming major update to the city’s Comprehensive Plan, which Mayor Harrell has dubbed the “One Seattle Plan.”

The web site includes:

  • A survey for residents to provide input. Act fast; the survey closes on May 31.
  • “Comp Plan 101” educational materials for those wishing to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan, its role, and the process for updating it.
  • A series of “issue briefs” (with the emphasis on “brief”) to provide an introduction into the major themes and issues that will need to be addressed in the major update — and the controversies that will likely come up, such as whether to “upzone” residential neighborhoods. Topics include transportation, housing, growth, parks and open space, economic development, and climate change.

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