Seattle City Light 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

Seattle City Light has published its proposed strategic plan for the next five years.

Among the key initiatives:

  • Strengthen and fix customer services and support;
  • New program to help customers meet their environmental and sustainability goals;
  • Compete for state and federal grants, including funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act;
  • Implement plans to support further electrification of buildings and transportation;
  • Help to create a coordinated western energy market, better integrating sustainability electricity sources such as SCL’s hydro power;
  • Strengthen fiscal management to control costs, in order to keep rate increases under control;
  • Once again introduce a “time of day” power rate (previous attempts at this have not been successful, but the emergence of electric vehicles may change the calculus of such a program);
  • Develop “dashboards” for each line of business within SCL;
  • Relicense the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project — which is not without controversy.

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