Seattle City Auditor Status Report on Implementation of Recommendations

The Seattle City Auditor issues a report approximately annually (it’s been fourteen months since the last status report) on the status of city departments’ implementation of its recommendations from audit reports that it has issued over the past few years.

This year, the report is shorter, with a link to a more comprehensive dashboard of sorts and suggestions of a “more user-friendly interactive visual format” but no promises of more regular and timely updates to the data (the failing of nearly all government-published “dashboards”).

The report itself highlights the status of recommendations on their topics:

  • audits of surveillance technologies;
  • oversight of SPD, including issues related to overtime, special events, hate crimes, and public disclosure requests;
  • the Human Services Department’s management of contracts for homeless services, much of which has become moot since the bulk of this work has shifted over to the new King County Regional Homeless Authority.

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