Portland Tiny-house Village Report and How-to Guide

The Portland State university Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative has published a lengthy report on “tiny house” villages in the greater Portland area, which includes a “how-to” guide to set up and operate a village.

The report includes details on the similarities and differences between the various villages, as well as results from a survey taken of village residents and neighbors.

Some of the key takeways (pages 8-9):

  • Most villagers were satisfied with their “pod” and village as a place to live.
  • Food insecurity is a major problem for village residents.
  • Villages have disproportionately served White people, particularly White men.
  • Residents want to share in decision-making in the village, but a minority insisted on full self-governance.
  • Size, cost, infrastructure, and governance vary widely across villages.
  • Concerns about villages among neighbors diminished over time.
  • The ideal number of residents for a village is between 20 and 30.

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