Mayor’s proposed 2023-2024 City of Seattle budget

This afternoon Mayor Harrell unveiled his proposed budget for 2023 and 2024.

Here are some charts diving into the budget as a whole:

And here are some drilling down on the SPD budget:

Some of the more notable things in Harrell’s budget:

  • It redirects $94 million of payroll tax revenues to other uses outside of the City Council’s legislated plan. It also proposes that there be a “revenue stabilization” fund specifically for the payroll tax, 10% of expected annual revenues, given that the city is predicting a fair amount of year-to-year variability.
  • It proposes moving the Parking Enforcement Officer unit back from SDOT into SPD. It cites a number of reasons for that, including the level of technical and administrative support for the unit, easier access to SPD record systems, and about $5 million in overhead expense savings by leveraging systems that SPD already has in place.
  • It proposes to cap annual inflation adjustments to human services contracts at 4%, rather than making a full CPI adjustment each year.
  • It increases the amount of funding for the King county Regional Homeless Authority by 13% to $87.7 million.

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