Low Income Housing Institute report to City Council

This week the Low Income Housing Institute, which operates nearly all of the city’s “Tiny House” villages along with other permanent supportive housing and affordable housing projects, is presenting a status report to the Seattle City Council. Here are the slides they submitted in advance.

The slides provide status updates on:

  • LIHI projects: new acquisitions, affordable housing preservation, and future projects;
  • the planned expansion of Camp Second Chance;
  • the opening of the southend Tiny House Village (the one that was built out but remained unoccupied for some time for lack of funding for operations);
  • performance metrics for LIHI’s Tiny House Villages.

In case you’re interested, here is LIHI’s most recently published IRS Form 990, detailing its finances for 2019. The IRS is far behind in publishing the Form 990s submitted by non-profits, so it has yet to publish LIHI’s 2020 Form 990 — and LIHI, unlike many organizations — does not publish its own Form 990 on its website.

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