King County Regional Homeless Authority Proposed 2023 Budget

Last week the Governing Committee of the King County Regional Homeless Authority approved a proposed 2023 budget for the organization of $227,403,776, an increase of more than $66 million over the 2022 budget.

Here is the presentation to the Governing Committee on the proposed budget. It contains a significant amount of detailed analysis of the current homeless population. It also breaks down the 2023 proposal into a “baseline” continuation budget and proposals for new spending.

However, the Governing Board’s approval does not mean that this is the final budget the the KCRHA; it will be transmitted to the City of Seattle and King County, each of which must decide how much funding to budget for in 2023. Currently the entire KCRHA budget is funded through the City of Seattle (68%) and King County (32%), despite the fact that other jurisdictions also receive services it provides.

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