City of Seattle Comprehensive Plan EIS planning

The City of Seattle is beginning to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for changes it might propose to the city’s Comprehensive Plan in 2024. It has published an EIS Scoping Fact Sheet to explain the options it will be considering.

The fact sheet lays out five alternatives:

  • “No Action”: required under state law, this captures the impact of not making any changes to the Comprehensive Plan.
  • “Focused”: new or expanded urban villages, and/or new smaller nodes. No major changes to land use patterns.
  • “Broad”: a wider range of low-scale housing options in residential neighborhoods.
  • “Corridor”: a wider range of low-scale housing options only in corridors near frequent transit and amenities.
  • “Combined”: a mix of the focused, broad and corridor alternatives.

The city will also conduct specialized EIS work around potential changes to the NE 130th Street and NE 145th Street areas surrounding the new light-rail stations.

The Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) is collecting input now on what questions and issues should be addressed by the EIS. You can submit a comment here.

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