City Council/Mayor’s Office “Term sheet” on developing alternative 911 response

The offices of the Seattle City Council and Mayor Harrell have quietly signed a “term sheet” laying out a cooperative effort to develop “an action plan and timeline for implementing the City’s Alternative 911 Response.”

The term sheet involves four main deliverables:

1) An executive-drafted policy document outlining the framework for permanent alternative response models. The policy document will be informed by a comprehensive analysis of current 911 Response including a risk management analysis, a call type analysis, and information about best practices from other jurisdictions.
2) A policy proposal for an alternative response in the near term that can be designed in 2022 and become operational during 2023.
3) A policy proposal for Special Event staffing that utilizes commissioned officers only where necessary. Special Event staffing is not directly related to 911 Alternative Response; the parties agree that there could be opportunities to free up scarce sworn staffing resources, but any such changes could involve considerations in the purview of the Labor Relations Policy Committee.
4) A communication strategy that informs the public on the general operations of the City’s emergency response system, answers frequently asked questions, and provides clarity on how emergency responses are triaged and/or responded too

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