Annual financial disclosures for Seattle elected officials

Every year the City of Seattle’s elected officials (the Mayor, the City Attorney, and the nine City Councilmembers) are required to submit a form disclosing their financial activity for the previous year: income (including the sources of income), savings, investments, property, and debts (including a list of creditors). The forms require them to make the same disclosures for their spouse/partner.

The forms are due by April 15th of each year. Here are the forms the officials just submitted, whcih are public records.

Mayor Harrell

City Attorney Davison

Councilmember Herbold

Councilmember Morales

Councilmember Sawant

Councilmember Pedersen

Council President Juarez

Councilmember Strauss

Councilmember Lewis

Councilmember Mosqueda

Councilmember Nelson

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